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Project Description

Corporate Process and Performance Modelling and Management (CPM2) – Operational Expenditure Management System

CPM2–OPEXMS is conceptualized based on the need of user to have an integrated application to model their Assets by looking into the Operational Expenditure (OPEX) throughout the Asset life.

OPEXMS Solutions

  1.  Web-based application, connect anywhere anytime
  2. Secure and controlled access through organization’s VPN
  3. Activity based costing down to the tag level enables precise analysis
  4. Identify major cost drivers
  5. Manage multi-projects or assets across the organisation in one place
  6. Asset hierarchy builds for a holistic view
  7. Easily model your assets using our built-in concept selector
  8. Manage large set of data in a single environment
  9. MS Excel import and export capability to populate generic activity database
  10. Built-In report generator to preferred format
  11. Allows comparison between Assets
  12. Model various scenarios and external factors that can impact cost
  13. Cost monitoring and control

New and existing investment Optimization

  • Strategic investment decision of new venture by leveraging on producing asset data
  • Select best asset strategy and cost optimisation program
  • Identify assets which yield the greatest impact from an OPEX cost optimisation program
  • Translate and integrate various scenario and business for comprehensive analysis

Benchmarking across organization identify best and standard practise

  • Transparency and visibility of activity based costing from all sites
  • Drawing meaningful comparisons between a company’s operating divisions

Improve corporate process and performance

  • Identify opportunity of improvement and bad actors
  • Cost reduction opportunities for operation, maintenance and administration of assets
  • Incorporate cost monitoring and control


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