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Project Description

Corporate Process and Performance Modelling and Management (CPM2) – System Completion Management (SCM)

SCM is a web-based application designed to dramatically improve work process, asset management, change management and overall effectiveness of job planning, preparation and execution.

Key Benefits:

  1. Real-Time view of project progress
  2. Early identification of potential problems
  3. Timely plan and allocate the tight manpower and skills.
  4. Improve efficiency and save cost
  5. Finish on schedule.

What it does :

  1. Asset Management
  2. Management of change
  3. Project breakdown hierarchy
  4. Punch list, NCR, DCN, site query tracking
  5. Preservation management
  6. Inspection & functional test reporting
  7. Certification management
  8. Complete and customizable reports for overview of project status
  9. Get reports directly send to your email!



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