Project Description

Welding Inspection & Tracking System

The CPM2-WITS will be used to record and track all welding related information into the database for a centralized and easy access. This information includes the welding procedure specification welding summary and welder’s information and qualification. All this information will be available in the form of summary reports and by visual analytical report like charts and graphs.

What it does ?

  • Weld Tracking, Management and Monitoring System.
  • Hierarchy Work Breakdown Structure
  • Store Project-specific Welding Procedure
    Specification (WPS)
  • Create a comprehensive Welding Database:
    o Project Details
    o Weld Procedure Specifications
    o Weld Details / Specifications
    o Weld Summary
    o Weld Repair
    o Welder Information
    o Drawing List
  • Customization of Welding Report and Analysis
  • Provide a trace-ability of all Welding activity
  • Web-based real-time access


Screenshot Example