International Digital Economy Conference Sarawak (IDECS) 2018 MOU & Exhibit

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Embarking on new initiatives and action plans that will provide new economic growth and enhance the standard of living of the rakyat, in line with the missions of the Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy (2018 – 2022): Our very own Ir. Arpan Rapaiee and Raoul-Gabrielle Urma took to another level their deepest desire to impart

EJJV’s journey to Big Data Analytics

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With the emergence of Big Data, EJJV group of companies have started its venture towards the technology in the certainty that every industry’s success is geared towards the implementation of Big Data Analytics.    

OMS and Petros, a Sarawak petroleum company

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The group, Orang Minyak Sarawak (OMS), gave assurance that their 70 odd members "are prepared and ready to offer their services for Petros to build its capacity by developing its Sarawakian talents".   Check out the full article here:  


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  Big Data Analytics have boost the competitiveness of every successful organization nowadays. It is the real-time advance analytical tools utilizing data and technology that gave these organizations the upper hand in doing their day-to-day business operations. The dramatic drop of oil prices, increasing project cost and market volatility have created instability in the industry.